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Please the Swede has quickly become another Swedish underwear favorite.

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Our favorite boxer shorts right now is Please the Swede, that are exclusively focusing on boxers.


It's time for men to let go of the old, slim-fit variants and enhance the underwear drawer.

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Not just men's underwear

Not just men's underwear

We have been able to make a few conclusions regarding how our customers use their boxershorts. The first conclusion presented is what drives Please the Swede. 

Why boxershorts and male biology are the perfect match

Why boxershorts and male biology are the perfect match

A recent study led by Harvard scientists implies that there is more to the ‘boxershorts vs briefs debate’ than just it being a matter of taste. 
The Story Behind Please the Swede

The Story Behind Please the Swede

...One of these girls immediately blurted out:

"What are those? You HAVE to wear real boxers. Slim fit is the polar opposite of sexy". The other girls agreed.. 

Why boxershorts?

1. Please the Swede

The outcome of our research was clear. A majority of the girls in our research preferred boxershorts.

2. Fits every body type

Our research discovered that the main reason is that boxershorts brings out the best of any body type.

3. Feeling of freedom

Maximizing the feeling of freedom and, with our special made inner waistband, comfort.